And now we say the spell we got from Google.
— It all begins again.

A Moveable Beast is the first episode and season premiere of the second season of Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. It premiered on July 6, 2014 and gathered 1,121 million watchers live, scoring a 0,5 on the key demographic.


All the Beauchamp witches have trouble remembering exactly what happened after the portal opened and fear a mystical presence crossed over to their world. Victor helps Joanna fight what seems to be a losing battle with her argentum poisoning. Ingrid develops a dangerous sleep walking habit while Freya has visions of Killian in danger.


A week after the portal to Asgard was opened and Joanna was poisoned with argentium, Freya cooks up a memory potion that will be ingested by her family in hopes of remembering what exactly happened that fateful day. While Wendy is out in the woods chasing after a shadowy figure that she thinks came through the portal, Victor is up in Joanna's room helping her make it through another rough patch in her treatment. He's forced to tie her down to the bed and bleed her out with a blade, allowing leech-like creatures to make their way into the open wounds and eat away the argentium. The screaming, as painful as it might be to hear, is actually a good sign, says Freya, in that it means her mother is fighting for her life.

Ingrid walks back into the house after waking up in the front yard for the third time in a week, her sleepwalking the latest issue that she must deal with. Freya is upset at Killian not reaching out to her this far away from the wedding and as Wendy explains that the figure she's seen is cloaked and has an evil, hungry aura, Dash tries to clean up the Gardiner attic and burn some mementos from his relationship with Freya. However, his conscience won't let him forget what happened at the boatyard and sure enough, a vision of Killian pops up, taunting him about what happened and how he's a murderer. When Dash's anger at his brother sparks a fire in the fireplace, Killian leaves, with the doctor perplexed at what's wrong with him and whether it'll ever get better.

Joanna makes it out of bed and down to the kitchen with the intention of drinking the memory potion and helping the girls with their search. Though this potion is Freya's strongest yet, allowing her family to see visions of the portal opening and the shadowy figure stepping through, none of them can make out any faces, meaning that they've not made any progress in protecting themselves. At the hospital, Dash encounters a man claiming that a shadow chased him into the woods, a man with the same symbol on his stomach that the shadowy figure Wendy encountered has on his chest. Meanwhile, Freya opens the music box that Killian gave her and sees her own vision, this time of a safe, healthy Killian in a wooded area. The two embrace, only for her to pull her hand back and note that he's bleeding. Killian then collapses, laying dead before Freya and forcing her out of the trance she was in.

Over at the library, Ingrid, trying to be adventurous by wearing new earrings, tells Hudson about a career opportunity that she has - a local university is seeking someone to curate historic documents related to witchcraft. However, they're only looking at people with a PhD, meaning that she and her unfinished dissertation are left out in the cold. Or they would've been, had she not told Dr. Foster that she had her PhD in history. Ingrid being Ingrid, she regrets the deception and plans on being honest, thinking that she could score points for initiative. Wendy shows up at the library later looking for a book and after calming Freya down regarding her strengthening powers of premonition, telling her niece that she'll read her tarot later, she finds what she's looking for, an herb guide that could help Joanna. The only problem is a strange man also wans the book, claiming that he has an herb garden. The two flirt until he tells her that there's another copy on the shelf and that he wanted that particular copy because he wanted to win. Back at the Beauchamps, Joanna wakes up and confides in Victor just how scared she is and how helpless she feels being cooped up in bed while her family is in danger. He assures her, though, that he's going to be there for as long as she needs him.

Before Dash gets into an MRI machine to scan his brain, fearful that something could be wrong with him physically, another vision of Killian pops up. This one tells him that what's wrong isn't scientific and again taunts him witches of east endfor what happened at the boatyard. During a backyard get together, Freya gets urged to relax and allow herself to have another vision, while Joanna has a seizure that Victor later tells Ingrid and Freya isn't anything to worry about. When they leave, though, he admits to Wendy that the argentium in Joanna's body is multiplying and that she might not have long left. However, there's a plant in the Amazon that could hold the key to her treatment; the only problem is that it could take three days for him to go down there, track it down, and return, and those are three days that Joanna doesn't have to spare. Ingrid makes it to her interview with Dr. Foster, although her tardiness earns her his scorn before the two can begin speaking about the position. Immediately, she's honest about the fib on the phone and even though she rationalizes what she did, claiming that she just wanted a fair shot, he won't hire her due to the lack of a doctoral degree.

That night, Ingrid heads to The Bent Elbow to talk to Freya, complaining that despite being a bad ass witch, everything's still hard. But when Hudson suggests that they do a spell similar to the one that resulted in Barb's pregnancy, Ingrid balks, only to acquiesce when Freya encourages her to use magic. Back at the hospital, Dash's patient tells him that many more will die and claims to know what he is before flatlining; in lieu of any medical equipment, Dash puts his hands on his patient's chest and shocks him back to life, only for the man to flatline again. Once Ingrid, Freya, and Hudson perform the spell, Ingrid receives a call from Dr. Foster saying that she got the job; however, her joy is short-lived as, already drunk, she falls off and injures her shoulder. The incident interrupts Wendy and Freya's tarot session, where the latter learned that Killian is still alive and that his spirit animal is an owl, and the former uses magic to help with Ingrid's shoulder, which the EMT (the guy from the library) claimed was dislocated.

After all that excitement, Dash and his dark, angry aura come into the bar. Before anything can happen with Freya, though, Dr. Carlisle calls regarding the MRI that he sent her to evaluate. Not knowing that it's his MRI that she's looking at, Carlisle notes the structural abnormalities in the patient and claims that there was only one other person she's seen with similar brain structure. It was in 1994 when a little girl came into the emergency room after suffering a concussion on the playground. The little girl? Ingrid Beauchamp. Later, Freya goes up to Dash to try and apologize for everything that happened, only to express worry about Killian. He tells her to stay away from him or else she'd regret it, with a nearby table being flung across the room due to the lack of control over his powers.

At the Beauchamps, Joanna begins accepting the fact that she's not long for the world and tells Wendy that maybe she wasn't meant to live forever, maybe this would allow the curse on Ingrid and Freya to break so they can live full and happy lives. However, a knock on the door changes everything, as it turns out to be Frederick, who had his memory erased after he came through the portal. For the past week, he had been wandering around and while Joanna is overjoyed to see her boy again, Wendy doesn't think they can trust him, not after he betrayed them the first time in Asgard. Frederick then absorbs the poison from Joanna's system and takes it on himself, seeing as how he had developed an immunity to argentium due to the constant threats against his life; it serves as a way to draw Joanna in even more, causing Wendy to accuse her of letting her emotions cloud her judgment with regards to Frederick. While Dash receives a message that someone saw what happened with him and Killian, Killian continues his streak of cleaning out the casino on the island he's been staying. His savior? Beautiful Eva, a woman with an owl tattoo on her back. When she suggests him going back home, he tells her he has nothing waiting for him there and kisses her. Ingrid, still sleepwalking, ventures into the woods and faces a creature, asking whether it needs her to feed him. They then kiss.

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Freya: "Isn't that like the third time this week?"
Ingrid: "I guess sleep-walking is my new thing."
Freya: "Well at least you're sleeping. Barely got more than an hour since the wedding."
— The sisters discussing Ingrid's new sleep-walking problem.

Joanna: "I don't need the woman who died in a trapeze accident lecturing me about safety."
Ingrid: "I died in a trapeze accident?!"
Wendy: "No, I did."
— A family discussion on Joanna's health.

Ingrid: "Mike really got burnt to a crisp didn't he?"
Wendy: "Oh, Mike was a little shit, he deserved it."
— Wendy never pities the evil guy.

"And now we say the spell we got from Google."
— Freya Beauchamp, casting a spell with Ingrid and Hudson.

"I'm googling sex spells."
— Hudson, seeing how effective the spells on internet are.


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  • It is the first episode where Christian Cooke is properly introduced. His character, Frederick, had made a cameo in Oh, What a World!.
  • [Bloopers] The first the camera shows the encyclopedia of medicinal herbs in the library, the book is leaning sharply to the right. When the camera shows Wendy reaching for the book, it is leaning to the left.
  • The "Oh Ma'am" scene from this episode was written by Maggie Friedman because she hates being called "Ma'am".

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