Augusta "Aggie" Carondolet was a young Blue Blood girl from the North American Coven and a student at Duchesne Institute. Unfortunately, before she could be introduced to the coven during the Patrician Bal alongside the Force twins, her dead body was recovered in a dark alley behind the Block 122, empty of all her immortal blood... She had been consumed.

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Aggie Carondolet was described as an exact copy of Mimi Force, if only a bit plainer: tall and slim, blond hair, fair skin, but nowhere near as beautiful as the Angel of Death herself.

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Aggie Carondolet was born to Cushing and Sloane Carondolet, seemingly without a twin. Nevertheless, she either had an older or a younger sister in this lifetime.[1] Aggie was then sent to Duchesne Institute early on and became friends with Madeleine "Mimi" Force, with whom she went ice-skating at Wollman Rink and had etiquette lessons at the Plaza. Some summers, as their parents were friends, the two of them had even gone on vacation together in Southampton.

At age fifteen, Aggie's identity as a Blue Blood was revealed to her during a meeting of the Committee, a prestigious society in which she had just been accepted.

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One night while partying with Mimi Force and Bliss Llewellyn at the Block 122, a trendy nightclub of the New York scene whose clientele was composed of the rich, the beautiful and the famous, Aggie went out for a cigarette outside the club, in an alley that existed between the Block 122 and The Bank. There, she was attacked by Dylan Ward, who was himself being controlled by a possessed-Bliss Llewellyn.  

Aggie shouldn't be dead. Aggie couldn't be dead. It just couldn't be true... But they'd seen Aggie's body at the morgue, that cold gray morning... They'd held her lifeless hands. They'd seen her face, the frozen scream. Much worse, they'd seen the marks on her neck. Unthinkable!
— Aggie's impossible death. [src]

The following morning, Aggie's lifeless body was found in the Block 122's "Land of Nod", a back room where people who passed out during the night are placed. Unable to revive her, the owner of the club brought her to the hospital, where it was conclused that Aggie was dead. Mimi and Jack were then called in to identify the body. Naturally, several tests were made, and all pointed to the same explanation: her blood had been drained. Full consumption.

A funeral was held in her memory a few days later, where members of the Blue Blood society as well as public New York figures gathered to bid her goodbye. Half the people at the funeral wore white, the traditional colour of death.

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In the wake of Aggie's tragic death at the hands of a Silver Blood, the Committee Wardens decided to issue early invitations to the Committee in order to protect the younger Blue Bloods.

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Aggie had been Mimi's best friends. Well, no, not eactly... But still, Aggie had been special to her. She'd grown up with her.
— Mimi's memories of Aggie. [src]

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