Well... Alpha dog or not, she is a real bitch!
— Bliss Llewellyn upon meeting Ahramin.

Ahramin was a Wolf from Lawson's Pack, who was seen as a great opponent by every Wolf from Hell, and as a leader, just as Lawson was. She was even asked to give her opinion on Lawson's plan to escape from Hell. But after Lawson decided to save Tala, her blood-related sister, which lowered their pace, the Silver Bloods and the Hell Hounds caught up with them, and she sacrified herself so that some of her friends could escape, leaving her behind while they crossed the portal of time. She was later seen as transformed into a Hell Hound, leading the attack on Lawson's Den's hiding in Hunting Valley.

In the end, she was re-turned into a normal Wolf, and joined Lawson in his quest to help the Blue Bloods in the final confrontation against Lucifer.