Art of Darkness is the seventh episode of the second season of Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. The episode premiered on August 24, 2014.


Tarkoff (James Marsters), an old friend of the family’s, pays a visit to Joanna and Freddie. Wendy, Freya, Ingrid and Dash attend an art gala where Wendy encounters someone from her past. Killian has doubts about his feelings for Eva (Bianca Lawson).


Frederick brings home his new girlfriend Caroline and when the two begin getting intimate, he has another seizure. Luckily, Joanna pops in at that exact moment and does a quick healing spell to get him back to normal. Over at Killian's, he and Eva finally take a break from their lovemaking in order for him to stake a shower. However, when the two get playful on the bed, Killian sees Eva as an old woman and the vision, which might be the result of the potions she keeps feeding him, weirds him out and then some.

The following morning, Joanna finds herself feeling jealous of Wendy's newfound bond with Frederick, as it means that she's now the odd one out. She didn't know about the existence of Caroline, an environmental science professor, before the previous night, so she decides to have her over for dinner and play a little catch-up. While Wendy denies that she's in love with Tommy, even as she slept with one of his sweaters due to him being gone on a camping trip with his daughter, Dash finds Ingrid at the library and invites her to an art benefit gala thrown by the East End Coalition for the Arts, as she had been holing herself up since everything with the Mandragora. She accepts under the pretense of them going as friends, just as Caroline expresses worry about Joanna seeing her in a compromised state the previous night. Frederick then explains that his mother isn't judgmental and that going to dinner would allow two of the most important women in his life to get to know one another.

Caroline reluctantly accepts, but when she leaves, Frederick is confronted by the presence of Tarkoff, one of the king's minions. He gets spelled into submission, with Tarkoff mentioning that he's there to ensure that Frederick's mission of bringing the king back through the portal and into East End is making progress; it turns out that Tarkoff, a telepath, has been in East End for the past 400 years, acting as something of a liaison for the king. Though the Mandragora sent through the portal was to find a suitable host for the king's return to this realm, Frederick explains that he had to put the creature down due to its killing spree and the fact that his family were hunting it anyway. Since the king isn't exactly happy with Frederick's performance, the next avenue he's exploring involves weakening Joanna so that Ingrid and Freya can be brought back to Asgard more easily. His plan? Use a potion to dull Joanna's powers and Tarkoff implores Frederick to take care of it that night - the night of his dinner with Caroline and Joanna.

Ingrid walks in on Freya getting ready for the event, as she's going as Wendy's plus-one after Wendy receives two tickets from a secretive admirer, and the two talk about the former's desire to go to the gala with Dash. Even as Ingrid explains that she has no intentions of making this a date and that it was just her going out with a friend, Freya puts her foot down and tells her sister that she doesn't want her to go - she doesn't trust Dash after what he told her while under the influence of the Mandragora venom, but Ingrid doesn't care and pledges to go to the gala regardless of what Freya wants. Meanwhile, Killian gets out of the shower and finds a message on his mirror that says not to trust Eva and to check his phone. After drying off, he sends her out for takeout and checks his phone to find a video that he made of himself when he was in Santo Domingo, a wild-eyed plea to not trust Eva. The reason? He doesn't love her - he's been spelled to love her all this time when, in actuality, he loves Freya.

At the gala, Ingrid and Dash are especially friendly, as he tells her that she deserves so much after everything she did for him, while Wendy and Freya walk around by themselves. Though talk is initially of the latter's possible jealousy at Ingrid being with Dash that night, it's quickly replaced when Wendy notices that she's the muse for the exhibit they're looking at. Her lips, her eyes, her necklace - they're all there and it turns out that the artist, a secretive man who only goes by Seamus, is her ex-husband Ronan. Thrown for a loop by the origins of the art and the fact the husband she divorced three times stands before her, Wendy hears from Ronan about witches of east endhow much of an inspiration she was to his creative process, how he had to channel how much he missed her into this work in order to keep himself from going insane. This, he claims, is his love letter to her, his attempt to get her back into his life. Elsewhere, Caroline is quickly charmed and calmed by Joanna, only for the evening to take on a different tone when Tarkoff arrives. He claims that he heard about Victor and wanted to pay his respects, but all he succeeds in doing is ratcheting up the pressure on Frederick to slip the vial of potion into Joanna's wine. He's unsuccessful at getting this part of the plan together, though, as Frederick opts to "accidentally" break Joanna's glass during a toast after putting the potion into her drink to begin with.

Back at the event, Ingrid and Dash giggle about a strange art buyer before getting on the dance floor together. She broaches the topic of their status and he claims that they're more than just friends - they've been through hell and back together and they've bonded more than the word friendship can quantify. Yet Dash doesn't want to label what they have, not when they both need to get a little lost without having a label to guide them. Dash's good mood gets ruined, though, when Kyle Hutton's father William comes up to him regarding the disappearance of his son. Kyle's car was found near Fair Haven and he believes that Dash knows something that he's not saying. When he gets back to Ingrid after being pulled away, Dash is noticeably distracted and ends up claiming a hospital emergency in order to get some time by himself. Elsewhere, Killian tears up the home he shares with Eva while looking for damning evidence about her motives; when she comes home from getting takeout, she grabs a shard of glass from the pitcher he broke, cuts her hand, and flings the blood into his eyes, incapacitating him. She then gets the magical ingredient she uses to spike his drinks and feeds it to him with her finger, causing his entire disposition to change. He forgets about what he learned from the video and falls back in love with her again, never to question what it is he saw on his phone.

Wendy explains to Freya that her relationship with Ronan, while fun, didn't bring out the best in her and initiated at a weird, vulnerable time for her. However, when he cuts into the conversation and reminds her of a trip to Paris they took that ended with Wendy taking a bullet, the two begin kissing, with Ronan saying that no one will ever know Wendy like he does. But Ronan's lips don't have as much power over Wendy as they once did and when she learns that Ronan has been using her hair in his paintings to make up for his lack of artistic talent, she says goodbye to him once and for all. Dash confronts William outside the gala and when the powerful East End figure claims that he won't stop until he finds what happened to Kyle, Dash kills him using his powers and makes it look like a heart attack. Given his reputation in town, no one thinks to question anything about the scene and Dash finds a way to cover up the crime he committed, which had to be covered up by Ingrid. He sticks to his story even with Ingrid and explains to her that he thought about saving William but that he didn't want what happened with Sam to happen again. Having bonded through both being the anchors of their respective families, Ingrid and Dash then kiss.

In the Beauchamp kitchen, Joanna grieves over Victor due to Tarkoff's presence reminding her of her former husband. When she goes in for a hug, Tarkoff gets a lock of her hair and pledges to stay for a while in East End. After Frederick kisses Caroline goodbye, Tarkoff confronts him about not going through with the plan, yet he cannot kill Frederick without there being a host body ready for the king. Since Frederick is carrying the king's spirit in his chest and no one else knows how to handle it, he's safe, especially since Tarkoff can't cut the spirit out without greatly injuring himself. Frederick saves himself from injury when he says that they can Mandragora Walk and find the host body themselves, though he threatens to kill himself and leave Tarkoff for the king to devour should any harm come to Joanna.

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