Asgard is a magical realm and one of the nine worlds that compose the universe (according to Norse mythology) that is both featured in Melissa de la Cruz's novels and the Witches of East End TV series. It is from this dimension that the Beauchamp family and other Gods/Witches originally come from - though some of those Gods have settled permanently in Midgard.


Asgard is the native dimension to witches and other magical creatures, such as the Mandragora. Joanna and Wendy Beauchamp were born in Asgard and lived there with their family: their father, Nikolaus; Joanna's husband, Victor, and Joanna's children, Ingrid, Frederick and Freya.

According to Victor, a war erupted some time after Nikolaus's accession to the throne in which Joanna, Wendy, himself and possibly others who were against the King fought and lost. Those who were following King Nikolaus blindly were far more numerous and possibly more powerful. After their defeat, they all fled Asgard and stole the Serpens Clavem, which acted as a key to a Portal leading to Earth. Angered by this betrayal, the King sent his own grandson Frederick to Joanna to get the key back - and working as a double agent, Ferederick crossed to Earth and managed to send the key back through the Portal. So the King joined them and cursed the four women of the Beauchamp family and left with Frederick, who refused to follow his mother and chose to stay behind as an ally of Nikolaus. Just before crossing the Portal however, Wendy cut her father's arm and got the Serpent Key to close the Portal.

The portal to Asgard is located in East End, inside the catacumbs of Fair Haven. The key was destroyed by Joanna more than four centuries after they closed the door, because it was possessing Wendy. However, it was later revealed that another key exists: Ingrid herself.

Asgard is the home dimension to the Gods of Asgard, important figures of the Norse Mythology. It used to be open to the other worlds in the universe and the Gods used to move from one world to the other whenever they wanted to. But one day, after Goddess Skadi repudiated him in favour of Nordj, Odin, the Supreme King of the Norse Gods set up a plan to get revenge.



  • In the novels, Earth was cut from Asgard after the destruction of the Bofrir Bridge, while in the TV series the portal between the worlds was sealed with the Serpens Clavem.

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