"Best you run along now, both of you, there's nothing to see here", she said, her voice as cold as the deep waters of the Atlantic.
— Joanna Beauchamp, or so it seems, to Bill and Maura before attacking them.

Bill Thatcher was a caretaker from a little East Cost town and Maura Thatcher's husband, before he was seemingly attacked by Joanna Beauchamp.


While walking in a park, Maura and her husband Bill met Joanna Beauchamp and were surprised by the lady's strange behaviour. After witnessing Joanna leave, they turned around and saw her again, before they were attacked brutally in the park. Later on, a young couple discovered the bodies of Maura and Bill; and whereas Bill was dead, Maura was just in a coma.

Bill appeared again as a figment of Maura's dreams, induced by Joanna and Wendy's spell after she had gone crazy.

Bill Thatcher was having a walk on the beach with his wife Maura Thatcher when both noticed the old Fair Haven mansion going ablaze and seemingly met Joanna Beauchamp, a nice old lady from North Hampton, who told them they should not wander around here. Their bodies were found the day after in the dunes: Bill was dead and Maura was in a deep coma.




  • There is a difference between the novels and the TV series as to whom attacked the couple. In the novels, it was in fact Bran Gardiner, glamoured as Joanna, who atttacked Maura and killed Bill, whereas in the TV series, it was the Shifter, whose identity is later revealed as Penelope Gardiner.

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