It was the kind of club that existed only once every decade --at a point in the social exus when the gods of publicity, fashion, and celebrity converged to create a singularly spectacular environment... The Block 122 had entered an iconic realm that defined a movement, a lifestyle, a generation. A cocktail-combo clientele of the city's most beautiful, envied, notorious, and all-powerful citizens had christened it their place to be.
— The Block 122, the elites' club.

The Block 122 is the newest, trendiest club of New York City, where all of the richest and most famous celebrities gather to party until the dawn. The Committee also gathers regularly just beneath the club.

History Edit

Following in the footsteps of other legendary nightclubs, the Block 122 was on its way to become the trademark club of the 2000s, the place to be for all of New York's most glamorous elites. One night, however, what had started as just another perfect evening turned to nightmare when the body of Aggie Carondolet was found dead behind the club.

Notes Edit

  • The Block 122 is compared to other iconic nightclubs in the history of New York City, such as the Studio 54, the Palladium, or the Moomba.