When their lips met, and their tongues touched, it was like they were kissing in a hundred different places, and her senses were flooded with new sensations and old memoires. He kissed her, and their souls melted into each other in a melody older than time
— Bliss and Dylan's kiss awakens her Blue Blood memories.

The Blue Bloods (also known as Sangre Azul) are a secret society of Vampires gathering in covens all over the world, whose history date back to the very Fall of Angels from Paradise. Through the Code of the Vampires, they vowed to bring beauty and peace to the world. 

History Edit

Fall from Paradise Edit

Establishing great civilisations Edit

The Roman Empire, and Lucifer's Imprisonment Edit

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The Final War Edit

Physiology and abilities Edit

It never mattered what she ate -- she could live on chocolate cakes and French fries and she never seemed to gain an ounce. She'd been that way since she was a kid. Oliver always used to marvel at her capacity. "You should be as big as a house," he liked to say.
— Blue Bloods and weight management. [src]
Although they have the physical appearance of ordinary human beings (albeit beautiful), the Blue Bloods, as supernatural species, have a far stronger organism than they let on. Not only are they resistant to most diseases, their bodies also digest food and eliminates alcohol at a much faster pace, meaning they are immune to obesity or drunkenness.

But, apart from a stronger metabolism, Blue Bloods also possess supernatural abilities:

  • Enhanced physical abilities
    • Celerity, or Velox. Vampyres are gifted with a high velocity, being able to go from a place to another located miles away in a few minutes, or to read a book in a few seconds, and that without being noticed by the human eye.
    • Enhanced strength. Vampyres are able to lift objects that are a lot heavier than they themselves are.
    • Heightened senses.

Organisation and lifestyleEdit

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List of known Vampires Edit

Archangels Edit

  • Michael, Pure of Heart, the Valiant, Prince of the Angels, Supreme Commander of the Lord's Armies, Archangel of the Light - known as Charles Force
  • Gabrielle, the Uncorrupted, the Virtuous, the Messenger, Archangel of the Light - known as Allegra Van Alen
  • Raphael of the Muses - known as Mahrus Abdelmassih

Former Archangel(s) Edit

  • Lucifer, the Morningstar, Lightbringer, Prince of Heaven, Prince of Darkness, Archangel of the Dawn

Angels Edit

  • Abbadon, Angel of Destruction, Twin Angel of the Apocalypse, the Unlikely, Destroyer of Worlds - known as Jack Force
  • Azrael, Angel of Death, Twin Angel of the Apocalypse - known as Mimi Force
  • Metraton, Heavenly Scribe - known as Lawrence Van Alen
  • Seraphiel, Angel of Song - Cordelia Van Alen
  • Xathaneal, the Hidden One - known as Dylan Ward
  • Azazel, the Darkling, Lupus Theliel, Angel of Love, Wolfsbane - known as Bliss Llewellyn
  • Araquiel, Angel of Vengeance, the Angel with Two Faces - known as Kingsley Martin
  • Pistis Sophia, Elder of Elders, the Watcher - known as Jordan Llewellyn/Jane Murray
  • Kuan Yin, Angel of Mercy - known as Deming Chen
  • Xi Wangmu, Angel of Immortality - known as Dehua Chen
  • Rujiel and Ruhuel, the Angels of the West Wind - known as the Lennox Brothers
  • Sandalphon, the Angel of Silence - known as Trinity Force
  • Schuyler Van Alen, Dimidium Cognatus, Half Blood
  • Halcyon, Guardian of the Gate of Promise - known as Catherine of Siena
  • Octilla, Guardian of the Gate of Sorrow
  • Onbasius, Guardian of the Gate of Justice

Others Edit

  • Victoria Taylor
  • Piper Crandall
  • Augusta "Aggie" Carondolet
  • Cushing Carondolet
  • Sloane Carondolet
  • Cicely Applegate
  • Bryce Cutting
  • James "Jamie" Kip
  • Lucy Forbes
  • Willow Frost
  • Natalie Getty
  • Lissy Harris
  • Susan "Soos" Kemble
  • Francis "Froggie" Kernochan
  • Rufus King
  • Bozeman "Booze" Langdon
  • Blair McMillan
  • Bennet Robinson
  • Katie Sheridan
  • Grayson St. James
  • Carter Tuckerman
  • Stella Van Rensslaer
  • Charlie Bank
  • Honor Leslie
  • Wesley McCall
  • Landon Schlessinger
  • Eliza Dupont
  • Priscilla Dupont
  • Yana Riberio
  • Margaret St. James
  • Toby Abeville
  • Daisy Van Horn
  • Dashiell Van Horn
  • Summer Amory
  • Don Alfonso "Alfie" Almeida (corrupted)
  • Doña Beatrice Almeida (corrupted)
  • Muriel "Muffie" Astor Carter
  • Sheldon Carter
  • Josiah Rockefeller Archibald
  • Ambrose Barlow
  • Margery Barlow
  • Don Alejandro Castañeda
  • Danielle Russell
  • Seymour Corrigan
  • Henri of Orleans
  • Jonas Jones
  • Minerva Morgan
  • Dorothea Rockefeller
  • Esme Schlumberger
  • Brooks Stewart
  • Abe Tompkins
  • Alice Whitney