All the children of the right families are members!
— BobiAnne to Bliss about entering the Commitee.

BobiAnne Llewellyn is the excentric wife of New York Senator Forsyth Llewellyn as well as the mother of Bliss and Jordan.

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BobiAnne is presented as a tall, long-legged woman with an ample bosom and long, wavy blond hair. Unlike many of her peers from New York, BobiAnne never hesitates to flaunt her own wealth in the eyes of all those around her As a result, she is often seen wearing expensive, flamboyant clothes -- pink being her trademark colour --, heavy make-up and a lot of jewelry.

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BobiAnne and Forsyth once again welcomed Azazel into their family, raising the girl in Houston, Texas.

When Bliss committed the murder of Aggie Carondolet and alerted the Committee to the potential presence of a Silver Blood in their midst, BobiAnne was seen to be quite agitated, surely scared that they would be discovered. She nonetheless gave Bliss her invitation to the Committee.

After her daughter Bliss voiced concerns about the nightmares and absences she suffered from, BobiAnne took her to see Dr. Pat, who put it on the account of "regenerative memory syndrom".

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  • Ostentatious: Rolls Royce, eleven-caret diamond, etc.
  • Over-the-top: shouts

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Bliss Llewellyn: "I don't know what got into me. I was just hungry."
BobiAnne Llewellyn: "Of course you are, my dear. There are some filet mignons in the second drawer. In case you still have an appetite."
— A casual midnight conversation around raw meat.

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