Boogie Knights is the fifth episode of the second season of Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. Directed by the famous director Debbie Allen, the episode premiered on August 10, 2014 after a one-week break. It was watched by 964,000 viewers and scored a 0,4 on the key demographic.


Freya relives one of her past lives with Killian. Dash does a spell at work without realizing the consequences. Joanna seeks the help of an old friend, Alex (Michelle Hurd). Wendy and Freddie work together to try and stop the Mandragora while Ingrid’s bond with it grows stronger.


In the woods, Joanna lights two candles and does a spell to honor Victor's loss, setting his spirit free. But as she watches it form the image of a bird and fly away, the candles are blown out and she finds the scale of the beast that has been terrorizing East End - the Mandragora. Elsewhere, Freya dreams about one of the past lives she shared with Killian. This one takes place in the 70s where Freya is a club mainstay, as she's the girlfriend of the owner (Dash), and Killian tends bar, though it's obvious to everyone that there's something going on between them. The two meet up in the bathroom where Freya does cocaine and Killian pins her up against the wall before going down on her.

Just then, Ingrid wakes Freya up and learns that her sister has been traveling through time and living out the past lives that she left behind. Killian is her soulmate in each of these lives, though Dash is only sometimes there and only sometimes Killian's brother, and that makes Freya wonder why they aren't together in the present, why the here and now sucks so much more than the past. Rather than letting Freya sulk, though, Ingrid makes sure that she gets out of bed and faces the present rather than hiding behind her memories. At the hospital, Dash wishes Sam, a cancer patient heading into an important surgery, luck, just as Joanna and Wendy learn about the Mandragora army their father raised in Asgard from Frederick. He's convinced that the creature is the one responsible for the two innocent deaths and that it's come through the portal seeking his head, so Joanna decides to contact an old friend who fought a Mandragora and lived to tell the tale.

While at the Bent Elbow, Killian informs Freya that he knows that she's a witch and that he's a warlock. He's more concerned, though, about the fact that she lied to him about it and didn't say anything to him when she came to Santo Domingo. She claims that she didn't know when or how to tell him something like that and just as she, having been inspired by his plea for honesty, nearly confesses that she's still in love with him, Eva interrupts and ruins the moment. Freya goes into the back room to take more of the potion that allows her to live her past lives, all the while Dash comes into Sam's surgery to find that the boy had been down for nearly 15 minutes. Despite the best efforts of the team, they had lost him that day, but when the rest of the medical personnel leave, Dash puts his hands over Sam, mutters some Latin, and raises the boy from the dead, shocking himself in the process. Meanwhile, Wendy and Joanna locate the latter's friend Alex, the one person who could tell them how to subdue and defeat a Mandragora. The only problem? Alex, a powerful hedge fund trader, still harbors ill will toward Joanna for a slight that occurred in their past.

Dash gives Ingrid a thorough check-up and she points out that his hands are turning black, likely from the inadvertent spell he used on Sam. It turns out that the blackness on his hands is the death that was removed from Sam's body - being that nothing can be destroyed in the universe, it had to go somewhere and ended up in Dash's system. Now he must figure out what to do with the death and decide whether he should give it back to Sam. Alex ends up showing up at the Beauchamp resident 35 years removed from her last visit; once there, she informs the Beauchamps that the Mandragora exists in a parasitic dyad with its mate, whose life force it feeds upon witches of east endduring coitus. They're connected even when they're not together, meaning that killing one would kill the other, and though the group decides against seeking out the mate, Alex does have a plan. It involves releasing an energy field around that woods that acts as a trip wire - when the Mandragora walks through it, they'll be able to track it down and take it out for good. Back in the 1970s, it's revealed that Freya and Dash (aka Dan) are running a major cocaine-infused-with-magic ring and that he's actually the owner of the club they're dancing in. However, Freya wants to leave him for Killian (aka Bobby), only to be stuck in the fact that Dan is dangerous and that she doesn't want to put Bobby in any danger from his association with her.

But Freya does eventually leave Dash once she reaches the end of her rope and experiences a violent incident due to her willingness to leave him. She returns home to Joanna and Alex, telling them that while she finally left Dan, she fell in love with somebody else, somebody she wants to move to California and have children with. However, Alex reads her palm and sees that while Bobby would do anything for her, the two are star-crossed lovers, never to be in the right place at the right time and in the right frame of mind to have a successful relationship. Something will always get in the way and instead of dealing with that, Freya runs away again. Back in the present, Alex tries to read Wendy's palm until they're alerted that the Mandragora tripped the force field. Grabbing her poison dart, Alex heads out into the woods, with Joanna following close behind. Over at the hospital, meanwhile, Dash doesn't get to start his spell, as Sam's mother comes into his room and mentions that this is the first time in three years that his body has been cancer free. Dash is then faced with a hard decision when a 34-year-old robber gets brought into the hospital after being shot by police; he's going to live, though one of the paramedics expresses frustration at the ones who deserve to die always seeming to catch the breaks.

Ingrid gets summoned into the woods by the Mandragora just as Joanna and Alex close in on the creature. While Ingrid wakes up and heads to the Gardiner estate, Dash gifts Sam's death to the robber and causes him to die shortly after arriving at the hospital. When he meets up with Ingrid, Dash tells her that there's nothing physically wrong with her, that the tests point to whatever's wrong with her either being psychological or supernatural in nature. At the Beauchamps, Frederick has a seizure that Wendy heals, though he strong-arms her into keeping quiet about it for the sake of Joanna and the hunt for the Mandragora. Joanna and Alex then find the Mandragora's lair and just as the latter is about to take the beast out, Joanna gets in her way. The reason? She sees that Ingrid is the Mandragora's mate, meaning that if Alex hits him with the dart, she would die, as well. Alex does nick him, though, and causes a wound to pop up on Ingrid, with the Mandragora disappearing into a puff of black smoke. Back in Freya's past life, Dan shoots Bobby in the heart in the middle of the club and tells her that this is what her deception gets her.

At the Gardiner estate, Ingrid attacks Dash and the Mandragora pops up to put one of his tentacles in Dash's ear. As Freya tells Killian that she's happy for his marriage to Eva, even though the latter just slipped something in her husband's drink, Joanna and Alex arrive at the Gardiner place, only to see the Mandragora kidnap Ingrid.

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  • An extract of the episode was shown at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.
  • Mädchen Amick's daughter has a cameo in the episode, as one of the extras in the 70s flashback.
  • This episode marks the lowest point in the history of Witches of East End; it was at the same time the least watched and the lowest rated, as well as the first to be under the bar of a million viewers.

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