Box to the Future is the twelfth episode of the second season of Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. It aired on October 5, 2014 as part of the two-hour long season finale.


TWO-PART FINALE – Joanna is about to retrieve the Anima Aucupe, but, unbeknownst to her, Nikolaus has sent Tarkoff back in time to stop her. Back in the present, Frederick has become suspicious of Ingrid’s intentions and worries that Dash may be involved. Nikolaus remembers Dash from his former life – Bastian – and decides to pay him a visit. Meanwhile, Wendy and Freya have lost the key needed to return to the present and frantically retrace their steps. Once opened, the time travel portal is only open for 12 hours, and after that, it disappears... stranding those who don’t return and damning them to a painful death.


While Killian drinks the poison he got from the witch doctor, which causes him to collapse after becoming woozy, Joanna and Wendy share a drink of their own, as the latter finds a bottle of liquor in the stables. The two wonder about what life would have been like had they stayed in Asgard, though they're okay with where they are due to their ability to make the best of a bad situation. Joanna comforts Wendy over her desire to see the king dead and reminds her sister that while they need to stop their father from doing any more harm, this revenge isn't going to magically undo the hurt they suffered at his hands over the years. As Joanna goes after the box, Killian has a vision where he meets Freya in a candlelit, blue-tinged field, where the two embrace. However, he learns that she's still alive and when she gives him a large red flower, she tells him to go find Ingrid and leaves.

Killian calls Ingrid and gets her to come over, but Ingrid has something else to worry about besides the fate of Killian, as Frederick informs the king that he suspects Ingrid isn't being honest about her desire to return to Asgard. The reason? She's been associating with Bastian, the man Dash was while in Asgard, and he believes that she could be swayed to stay in town rather than come with them. As such, the king reverts back to his Tommy form, while Wendy wakes Freya up to tell her that she lost the key to the time door. Even though the two do try to find it in the stable, a quick chant to locate the key's energy reveals that it's not anywhere near them and Freya gets shut down when she suggests picking the lock on the time door. Across town, Joanna feels as if she's being followed by someone and sends a beggar woman to the bar to get a drink on her; it turns out that her feelings of paranoia are correct, though, as Tarkoff had been lurking in Baltimore and followed her hoping she would lead him to the box.

Ingrid visits Killian and brings along lotus root, a remedy designed to draw out toxins - it's supposed to slow down the poison in his body, but since it's not a cure-all, he's got to administer the dosages himself while she's gone. The king goes to Dash's in Tommy's skin and Dash quickly deduces that this figure standing before him isn't Tommy - it's Ingrid's grandfather. The king spells Dash into a chair and warns him to stay away from Ingrid; he's got big things planned for his family and he doesn't want Dash to get in the way of that. After taunting Dash about the betrayal and destruction that he had been a part of recently, as well as the internal war he's fighting, the king offers him a reward for remaining loyal to him and not standing in the way of his quest to win back his family. While Raven learns of Fair Haven's occult history from a colleague, Ingrid goes to Dash's where she hears about the visit from her grandfather, who Dash is ready to bring down. However, first they're going to have to reconstitute the journals that Ingrid had them burn, with the purpose being finding a powerful and dark enough spell to send the king back to where he came from.

Over in the cemetery, Joanna takes the box from her past self, only to lose it to Tarkoff when he confronts her, grabs it, and disappears, just as Wendy and Freya run into Edgar Allan Poe in the bar. Freya, of course, can't believe that she's seeing Killian before her and makes a fool of herself in front of Poe before she and Wendy make it upstairs to the dressing room. Though they spot the key on a nearby table while hiding in the clothes racks, they're not able to get it because Past Freya knocks it on the ground before picking it up and putting it in her cleavage. Ingrid allows Dash to keep the reconstituted journals at his place so as to avoid the prying eyes of the king, only for him to open them up as soon as she leaves; meanwhile, Killian has another vision of Freya, this time encouraging him to take the lotus root and give himself a fighting chance. He does just that, although he's still more weak than he would like to be.

Joanna, Wendy, and Freya reconvene at the bar where they swap their stories of defeat, but Wendy realizes that they have a shot at getting the key if they play within the boundaries of history. Wendy uses her knowledge of Poe hitting on her the night she died and Poe's loyalty to Freya in order to get the key back. She sends him over to Past Wendy and he gets handsy enough to snatch the key from her chest. Joanna, though, finds herself confronted by Tarkoff outside, where he suggests they defeat the king once and for all and rule Asgard together as its newest king and queen. When she rejects the idea, he uses the talisman he made for her to incapacitate her on the steps. Back in East End, Raven shows up to Dash's to talk about her latest findings on Archibald Browning and she presses him for information, since the occult aspect of Fair Haven is town knowledge and he acts as if this is the first time he's hearing any of this. The two end up having sex upstairs, since Dash is trying to distract her from her investigation, but since he left the evil journals he was reading out on the table, it's only fitting that they're gone the next morning - yet another breakthrough for Raven in the case she's building.

After retrieving the key, Poe has to hear Freya say goodbye to him and the two have an emotional goodbye that she might not have expected when she learned about her past relationship with the author. When Ingrid returns home, her grandfather confronts her over her friendship with Bash and spells her against the wall as step one of his punishment for her; after cloaking her when Frederick comes home to, ironically, vouch for Ingrid's good heart, the king sets about teaching his grandchild a lesson. While Killian gets too sick to administer the medication to himself, accidentally shattering the vial on the floor, Freya and Wendy find that the time door has disappeared, potentially signaling their end. Joanna, meanwhile, wakes up in what looks to be her bed and Tarkoff ties her off and shoots her full of heroin in order to drug her into loving him.

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  • The title is a reference to both Back to the Future and Doctor Who, a British TV series.
    • Coincidentally, the episode is the twelfth of the season and Peter Capaldi, the actor who was currently plays the Doctor, is the 12th to play the role.
  • The episode aired exactly one year after the Pilot was first aired.

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