Catherine Carver (Seraphiel, or in current days, Cordelia Van Alen) wrote a diary while she was in cycle in Plymouth. She describes all her life, from the travel in the Mayflower until the destruction of the Roanoke Colony.

Entries Edit

November 21, 1620 Edit

Catherine first mentions, now that they have reached the land, how difficult the winter journey has been for all of the Mayflower passengers, especially for her soon-to-be husband, John. Worse, rumours are running wild among the passengers, and not all of them are convinced that the danger has been left behind.
"I will always long for home, but our kind are no longer safe there."
— Catherine Carver on the threat that has grown on the Old Continent.
With her marriage coming up soon, Catherine hopes to help in building the colony by having children.

November 25, 1620 Edit

The settlers get to celebrate their first Thanksgiving as local populations bring them gifts, food and assistance. The future looks safe and bright for the children of the community.

November 30, 1620 Edit

Myles Standish and the other men have gone to bring medicine and food to the southern colony of Roanoke. In the meantime, many babies (mostly in sets of twins) have been born, bringing joy to all in the community.


  • Several extracts from this diary are displayed throughout Blue Bloods.