The Conclave is the highest ruling body of the North American Coven, composed by a member of each of the seven original families that created it and other serving members, nominated by the current membership.


The Conclave is responsible for taking all important decisions concerning the well-being and organisation of the North American Coven. 

If members nominated by the Committee can take part of debates and of the decision-process, the White Vote is the exclusive responsibility of a quorum of seven members - each representing the seven original families.

The Seven familiesEdit

Domus MagnificatEdit

The House of the Riches is traditionnally occupied by the wealthiest family in the Coven, who takes care of the Coven's financial security. It is represented by Josiah Rockfeller Archibald, whose family built the famous Rockfeller Center.

Domus Stella AquilloEdit

The House of the Northern Star is the house of the biggest benefactors of art programs in the United States of America. It is represented by Ambrose Barlow.

Domus VeritasEdit

Home to the truth seekers, the House of the Venators aims at protecting and securing the Coven with its legion of the agents, led currently by Abe Tompkins. Once, the Van Horns held this position.

Domus DominaEdit

The House of the Gray Lady, better known as the House of Records, keeps recors of the cycles of Expression, Expulsion and Evolution in the Coven. Minerva Morgan took the seat at the Conclave after the Carondolets all died.

Domus LamiaEdit

The House of the Vampyres oversees the relationships between vampires and humans and rules over the Conspiracy subcommittee to spread false rumours and myths about the Blue Bloods in human circles. Seymour Corrigan was placed in charge after his cousin Edmund Oelrich died in Rio.

Domus PrepositoEdit

Domus Fortis Valerius IncorruptusEdit



Other membersEdit

  • Cushing Carondolet
  • Sloan Carondolet
  • ...


  • After the end of the second war for Paradise, Oliver Hazard-Perry, a mortal turned Vampire, took charge of the Blue Bloods who remained on Earth.