Country Mouse is the second chapter of Witches of East End, the first novel in Melissa de la Cruz' Beauchamp Family series. This chapter is centered on Ingrid.



Note : a character appearing in bold means he appears for the first time in the current novel.


Old maid. Tight-ass. Spinster. Ingrid Beauchamp knew what people thought of her; she had seen the way they huddled and whispered behind cupped hands as she made her way across the libray, putting away returned books to their proper shelves.
— Ingrid Beauchap is just another subject of gossips.


  • This is the first chapter to be written with Ingrid's point of view. Diary of the White Witch, which is a prequel to the series, was published after the first novel.
  • Ingrid Beauchamp is the first character thinking about breaking the bonds of the restriction in the novel.
    • But it is her sister, Freya, who will do it first.
  • Ingrid reveals having seen through her sister's lifeline her encounter with Bran Gardiner, though it is his brother whom she's destined to be with.

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