Elemental manipulation is one of a witch's most common abilities, as it allows them to connect, influence and summon the basic elements of Nature. The primary elements of Nature are water, fire, earth, air and possibly lightning, but many sub-branches of these elements seem to be used by witches as well.

Although witches are generally able to use all of the elements, it appears some of them have natural affinities for one element or an another; for example, Dash Gardiner's anger-based powers seems to easily trigger the element of lightning, whereas Freya's passion-based powers seems to trigger fire quite often.

Elements of WaterEdit


The power to generate and manipulate water in its many forms is generally called Hydrokinesis. While this could be activated without the need of a spell, so far it has only been shown through the use of the "Aspergo" spell by Wendy Beauchamp.


A power linked to the manipulation of water is the ability to generate ice, called Cryokinesis. It can be used to freeze things or create snow.

Elements of FireEdit


The power to ignite objects, create flames and control the heat is known as Pyrokinesis. Though it is often perceived to be one of the most dangerous, it is also the most used by witches, who need this element to light candles or burn sage for example.

Some argue that lightnings are a form of fire and that it is a sub-branch of pyrokinesis.


The power to generate light is called Photokinesis. It can be debated whether light is a sub-branch element of fire or lightning, but as light was primarly created by fire before electricity was created, it is commonly associated with fire.

Elements of EarthEdit


The power to control the earth in its various forms (rock, sand, mud) is called Geokinesis. So far, only one of Freya's past lives has shown to use this power, creating a small tornado of sand. 


The power to control the plants and create plant-life is called Chlorokinesis. Both Ingrid Beauchamp's past life and Freya have displayed this power.

Elements of AirEdit

The power to summon winds and manipulate the air around us is called Aerokinesis. So far, only Joanna has shown to use this power.



The power to generate electrical currents and lightnings is called Electrokinesis. Ghosts wandering the earth have shown to be able to create short circuits and electrical shocks.


Although the power of Atmokinesis can be linked to the elements of air, water and fire, as it can create clouds, winds, rain, snow and storms, it is often thought to be a power of its own. Witches have only a limited control over weather, as mentioned by Wendy.


  • Different powers have different triggers. For example, fire, lightning and wind have been triggered by anger so far, while Freya's passionate emotions have activated pyrokinesis and chlorokinesis.