Forsyth Llewellyn is a character of the first cycle in the Blue Bloods series. Cycle father of Bliss Llewellyn and Jordan Llewellyn, husband of BobiAnne Llewellyn, he is at first thought to be a faithful friend of Regis Charles Force, even if he disrespected the Vampyre Law by becoming a Red Blood senator in New York. Later, he was revealed as the main Silver Blood traitor operating in the shadows within the New York coven and many others. As one of Lucifer's strongest minions, he has been in charge of protecting Lucifer's true born daughter in every cycle since Florence.



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Forsyth Llewellyn was born in New York City. He later moved to Texas, founded a family with his wife BobiAnne and had two daughters: Bliss and Jordan. He broke the Vampire law by meddling into Red Blood politics, and later, he ran for the office of Senator, which he won, moving his family back to New York.


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Forsyth Llewellyn was bonded to BobiAnne Llewellyn, his true angelic bondmate. He was a loving husband to his wife and a doting father to Bliss. His relationship with his younger daughter, Jordan, could not be expounded on as they have limited interactions with each other. This may be due to the fact that Jordan (being the Pistis Sophia) was a spy implanted by Cordelia van Alen to figure out if the Llewellyns were Silver Blood traitors. 

He is a very devoted servant of Lucifer and would go to great lengths to serve his master. When Giulia de Medici (Bliss's incarnation then) was born during the Renaissance era, Duc Patricio de Medici (Forsyth's incarnation then) took in the child after taking her away from her mother, Tomasia Foseri (Allegra's incarnation then). In order to cover for Giulia's birth, Patrizio/Forsyth killed his own daughter and placed Tomasia's child in his child's place. 


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