The Gods of Asgard are powerful deities from Norse mythology. Those Gods can be divided into two great families : the Vanir and the Aesir. While the Vanir are the deities of Nature and Creation the Aesir are the deities of Order and Human awareness.



The origin of Gods remains unspecified in the novels; though it is implied the first Gods were born in Asgard (Kingdom of the Aesir) and Vanaheimr (Kingdom of the Vanir) at the exact moment the universe was created. 

Fight between the GodsEdit

Many Gods fought over beautiful Goddesses, but the most notable rifts were the one between the brothers Loki and Baldr, who fought for the Goddess of Love, Freya, and the secret one between Njord and Odin, who both tried to get Skadi as their immortal mate.

Destruction of the Bofrir bridgeEdit



List of GodsEdit

The VanirEdit

The AesirEdit


Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Gods of Asgard are mighty creatures, omnipotent and immortal, not capable of destroying eachother, but mearly stalemating one another, and powerful enough to bend the world they embody to their will. However, they also each have their specific abilities and attributes depending on their nature and domain of existence. For example, Fryr can control fire, while his father Nord can control the seas. 


  • No clear relationship between the Norse mythology and the religious mythology used in the series has been established. Both the Gods and the Fallen know of each other's existence.

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