Immortality is a gift bestowed upon the witches who originate from the mystical dimension of Asgard which gives them the ability to live for a very long time - forever even, if nothing gets in their way. Only the four women of the Beauchamp family (Joanna, Wendy, Ingrid and Freya) and the Gardiner brothers, Dash and Killian, are seen in possession of different forms of immortality.

Forms of immortalityEdit

The power of immortality is given to all the witches and warlocks from Asgard and enables them to live forever without aging at all. However, it is revealed that the Beauchamps' unique forms of immortality are the result of a curse put upon them by King Nikolaus.

Regular immortalityEdit

Some witches are simply immortal, meaning that they cannot die of natural means and can only disappear definitively from the world by being killed. This is the common form of immortality, possessed by all the Witches of Asgard: Doug, Vidar, Harrison Welles, Archibald Browning, Athena Browning, Victor Beauchamp, Isis and Ivar Zurka, and Alex. But, as the result of a curse, the four women of the Beauchamp family were cursed with different forms of immortality.

The Curse's variationsEdit

Nine lives

Wendy, despite the fact that she will never age, received the nine lives of a cat as a result of her nature of cat-shapeshifter; these nine lives acting as a countdown before her death. Each time Wendy died, she was resurrected - up until she reached her final life that is. 


Ingrid and Freya were cursed with the power of resurrection, which means that everytime they die, their mother will give birth to them again as they are brought back for a new cycle. However, this curse placed on them makes that they never live past the age of thirty, and when one dies, the other follows soon after. Still, this cycle of reincarnation does not exclude that Ingrid and Freya can be killed forever, since there are certain ways to bypass the cycle of reincarnation.

Although the reasons why are unknown, Dash and Killian Gardiner are also the victims of reincarnation.

True immortality

Joanna, as the eldest and the favorite daughter of King Nikolaus, was probably cursed with the hardest form of immortality in the end. She is in fact truly immortal, meaning that she cannot be killed by normal means and that very few things, like Argentium, can kill her for good. On top of that, Joanna is forced to give birth to her daughters over and over again each time they are reincarnated, in what she calls a cycle of "endless motherhood".


  • The immortality status of several witches is still unknown: those witches are Frederick Beauchamp, Eva and Tarkoff.
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