Phoebus ostend praeeo. The Sun shall show the way.
— One of Pistis Sophia's many riddles.

Jordan Llewellyn is the younger sister of Bliss Llewellyn, born to BobiAnne Llewellyn and Forsyth Llewellyn in this cycle.

As the Pistis Sophia, she is the only Blue Blood born with her full conscience of her nature and memories at birth - for this reason, Cordelia Van Alen asked the Llewellyns to house her spirit in their family, to watch for signs of Lucifer's return.

But unfortunately, Cordelia sent the Watcher in the very family loyal to Lucifer, who were raising the Dark Prince's own daughter in every cycle. Seeing that the Watcher was getting close to the Silver Bloods' secret plan, BobiAnne and Forsyth ordered her dead, and sent her to Nan Cutler. However, before her blood was consummed by the Silver Blood, her spirit left her physical shell to embody Jane Murray.

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"As different as a swan from a water buffalo!"
— BobiAnne comparing her two daughters. [src]
As Jordan Llewellyn, the Pistis Sophia is described as a short and stocky little girl with murky brown hair and bespestacled hazel eyes. In other words, everything her older sister is not, something which their mother never fails to point out.

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When she young, Jordan used to follow her older sister around all the time, always asking why she couldn't be more like her. The sisters were friends, in fact. But as Bliss came of age and started experiencing her first nightmares, Jordan realised that her sister was different. As a result, she distanced herself from Bliss, becoming secretive and shy.

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Seeing the signs before anyone else, Jordan was still hesitant to denounce her sister as the Silver Blood committing murders in the North American Coven, because she knew Bliss was a good person and cared for her. As a result, rather than denouncing her, she tried to make Bliss understand that she had to stop it. When Bliss was invited to the Committee, Jordan notably told her sister that, deep down, she "knew" who the murderer was because she was there. But Bliss did not understand and sent her sister away.

Attending Aggie Carondolet's funeral dressed in white, the true colour of death, Jordan tried to dissuade Dylan Ward from going out with Bliss, telling him it was not safe. But once again, neither Dylan nor Bliss understood what she meant.

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Blue Bloods series
Blue Bloods
The Van Alen Legacy
Misguided Angel
Bloody Valentine
Lost in Time
Wolf Pact (spin-off)
Gates of Paradise
Vampires of Manhattan

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Jordan Llewellyn: "You know who did it, don't you? You were there."
Bliss Llewellyn: "What do you mean?"
Jordan Llewellyn: "You know."
— Jordan, trying to warn her older sister about her father's soul.

"You shouldn't go. It's not safe.
— Jordan's cryptic words of advice for Dylan.

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