Regardless of your performance in the arena, they tell me you are the One. That once you've shed the Wolf skin for hellhound form, you will be a mighty warrior, one of the strongest Hell has ever known. The Dark Prince himself has seen it. Lucifer has entreated me to make you my heir. We shall not wait until your eighteenth moon to make you one of us.
— Romulus, to Lawson

"Ulf", self-renamed "Lawson", is a rebellious Wolf from Hell that ran away with his den in order to avoid becoming Hell Hounds, Lucifer's puppets in war. He is later revealed to be "Fenrir", the great wolf of legend that would free the wolves from slavery and return them to their former glory as Wolves of the Guard.



Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Lawson's youth, except that he grew up with his den - Tala, Edon, Rafe, Malcolm, Ahramin and others - just as every Wolf in Hell did. He soon proved to be such a fine warrior that Corvinus, the wolves' battle sergeant and a Silver Blood, noticed Lawson's talent. He continuously won every tournament and made it to the trials, the final round which would make him alpha of his pack. Unfortunately, Lawson was seduced by the beautiful and dangerous Ahramin the night before the trials. She was revealed the next day to be Lawson's opponent and had slept with him to guarantee her victory.

Instead of killing him after his defeat, Lawson was brought to general Romulus. The former was believed by many, even Lucifer, to be the mightiest wolf in hell and as a result was left alive to be turned into a hound. There is a possibility that Lucifer and Romulus were already aware of Lawson's true identity.

However, Lawson soon developed the desire to free himself from his masters and his fate - becoming a Hell Hound, one of Lucifer and Romulus' puppet.

Escaping from HellEdit

Growing feelings for BlissEdit

Great WarEdit


Powers and abilitiesEdit

“The masters didn’t know he could do that. Escape. Push things around with his mind. Create a space where there wasn’t any.”

— Lawson, the morning of the Trials

  • Heightened senses
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced resistance
  • Shapeshifting: Wolves are able to shift from their mortal form to their animal form at will
  • Time-traveling: As guardians of the timeline, wolves are able to travel through the time passages

Individual Powers Edit

As Fenrir, the wolf of prophecy, Lawson has demonstrated abilities exclusive to other wolves:

  • Can enter hallowed ground: As creatures born in the underworld, other wolves cannot enter sacred or holy places
  • Portal creation: Lawson can create portals to other worlds


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  • Lawson is in fact the Great Wolf Fenrir from the prophecy concerning the freedom of the Wolves. But it is funny to note that Fenrir is a name coming from Norse Mythology - which the Gods of the Beauchamp Family series come from. It is however unexplained in the novels if the Wolves are tied to the Gods in any ways.