We are Wolves of the Guard, soldiers of the light.
Hunted and haunted, by the beasts of the night.
Friend to all and foe to none,
Love and loyalty bind us as one.
Time and tide shall heal all wounds
Memories and madness shall not consume.
To Death and despair we shall never surrender,
The Pact never to be forsaken, or torn asunder.
— Lawson, Bliss, Ahramin, Edon, Rafe and Malcolm taking their vows.

Lawson's Pack, composed by himself and his den brothers and sisters, used to live in Hell, until Lawson was entrusted by every Wolf not-yet turned into Hell Hounds to make them one day escape to live a better life on Earth.

They all wear a glowing blue Crescent on their right cheekbone, as a sign of their allegiance to the Pack.

All of the Wolves have a name which means "Wolf"  - even Lawson and Malcom, whose real names are "Ulf" and "Maccon". Bliss's angel name as well, Lupus Theliel, means she is linked to the Wolves.


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