Lucifer is the main antagonist of the Blue Bloods series and of the Wolf Pact spin-off novel.

Once one of the seven Archangels serving God, Lucifer became obsessed with his own beauty and his thirst for power, and he thus lead a rebellion against his creator. However, when he and his army were defeated by the Archangel Michael, Lucifer and the rogue angels were all cast out of Paradise and forced to live as Vampires on Earth.

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Lucifer, the Morningstar, is often described as a shining figure, with his golden hair and his white suit. Before being cast out of Heaven, he was commonly known as the "bringer of dawn" because of the golden-white aura which surrounded him and made him look like a star from afar.

After the Fall, even though he retained his aura, his eyes turned from emerald green to silver-colored irises with crimson pupils as he fed on the blood of his fellow Blue Bloods, and became the first Silver Blood ever.

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All four walls of the temple were suddenly whole. She was in the desert. She could taste the acrid sand in her mouth, feel the hot sun on her back. A thousand scarabs -- black and shiny, buzzing -- flew out of the temple door.
— Bliss channeling memories of Lucifer's time in Egypt. [src]
In Ancient Egypt, Lucifer and his most loyal followers revolted against Pharaoh Menes and severed ties with the rest of the Blue Blood community.[1] It is even possible that Lucifer started feeding on his fellow Fallen angels around that era.[2]

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Blue Bloods series
Blue Bloods
The Van Alen Legacy
Misguided Angel
Bloody Valentine
Lost in Time
Wolf Pact (spin-off)
Gates of Paradise
Vampires of Manhattan

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  • Exactly when Lucifer started feeding on his fellow Blue Bloods remains unknown.
    • Likewise, whether he took part of the Expression cycles or had become an Enmortal was never specified.

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  2. Blue Bloods, Chapter 12. When talking to Dr. Pat about her memories of Ancient Egypt, Bliss mentions "screaming". Since she was not yet born at the time, it could in fact be the memories of her father rather than her own, meaning the screams would be those of Lucifer's victim.