Maura Thatcher is the wife of the now deceased Bill Thatcher. Left in a coma after her assault, she framed Joanna Beauchamp for the murder of her husband.

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While walking in a park, Maura and her husband Bill met Joanna Beauchamp and were surprised by the lady's strange behaviour. After witnessing Joanna leave, they turned around and saw her again, before they were attacked brutally in the park. Later on, a young couple discovered the bodies of Maura and Bill; and whereas Bill was dead, Maura was just in a coma. When she woke up, she of course told the police it was Joanna Beauchamp who had attacked her, and therefore Adam Noble, one of East Haven's local cop, went to arrest her.[1]

Maura met the Beauchamps celebrating at a restaurant and got into a verbal rift with Joanna's sister, Wendy, who told her to "shut up". It awakened the Ramus Mortium inside of Maura and as a result, she suffered from throat pain and went to the hospital to see Dr. Gardiner. Later, as she was asleep, Wendy casted a memory-spell so that Maura couldn't identify Joanna in court.[2]

The spell worked but it caused hysteria and hallucinations which led Maura to the psych-ward of the Hospital. Wendy and Joanna weren't able to fix Maura's condition, therefore they trapped her mind in an beautiful illusion where her husband was still alive.[3]

In the novels Edit

Maura Thatcher was walking on the beach with her husband, Bill Thatcher, she seemingly met Joanna Beauchamp who told her and her husband that they should not wander here. Their bodies were found the day after in the dunes...

When Maura woke up from her coma, she accused Joanna and told it to the police, who then arrested her.

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Witches of East End: Season 1
Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P.
Today I am a Witch
A few good talismen
Electric Avenue
Potentia Noctis
Snake Eyes
A Parching Imbued
Oh, What a World!

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  • There is a difference between the novels and the TV series as to whom attacked the couple. In the novels, it was in fact Bran Gardiner, glamoured as Joanna, who atttacked Maura and killed her husband, whereas in the TV series, it was the Shifter, whose identity is later revealed as Penelope Gardiner.

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