Mortals is the common name given to the human beings who have no particular abilities and who are not immortals.


Mortals have the particular trait of having no supernatural ability at all, from both physiological and mental points of view.

Relations with the supernaturalEdit

While most of the mortals are unaware of the supernatural world's existence, or at least barely believe in it, it was revealed that a few of them were into the secret. While the Blue Bloods, Silver Bloods and Gods rather have them unaware of this, it happened sometimes that the secret was revealed, and the Blue Bloods therefore enrolled those "dangerous" mortals to work as Human Conduits or Keepers.

The attitude Supernatural beings have towards them seems to vary ; while some seem to feel superior, like Charles Force or Mimi Force, some tend to be nicer and help them, just like the Beauchamp ladies or Schuyler Van Alen.