I almost failed sophomore English because of Edgar Allan Poe!
— Freya and fate are no friends.

Poe Way Out is the eleventh episode of the second season of Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. It aired on September 28, 2014 and was the last episode before the two-hour long season finale.

In terms of ratings, the episode pulled-in the lowest amount of viewers of the season, with only 0,882 million people tuning in to the show. Still, the episode got a score of 0,4 on the 19-48 target audience.


Joanna, Freya and Wendy travel back in time to revisit one of their past lives in order to retrieve a powerful but dangerous weapon that may be the only way to destroy Nikolaus for good. Back in East End, Nikolaus is preparing for a battle and also has an unsuspecting Ingrid on his side. Meanwhile, Dash discovers the true identity of his one night stand, and Killian attempts to break his and Freya’s tragic cycle.


It turns out that Joanna took Wendy and Freya back to 1848 Baltimore in search of a rare weapon that can be used to defeat the king. The weapon was also used when Joanna had to kill Freya once upon a time, a revelation that understandably leaves Freya stunned. Back in East End, Ingrid sips tea with her grandfather and confides in him just how lost she feels in this realm, just as Agent Moreau reveals her true identity to Dash when she shows up to the hospital. However, rather than looking to bust him for Kyle's murder, she's more interested in his opinion on the recent murders, of which he has photos; Dash claims to not have seen anything like it before, only for one of Moreau's underlings to bring up the floater, which hasn't been connected to him as of yet.

Joanna, Freya, and Wendy make it to the Cat & Shadow, a brothel/opium den that they owned and operated, with Freya being one of the working girls. Once upstairs, Freya gets a chance to marvel at the clothes she once wore, but she soon finds herself forced to hide when past versions of Joanna and Wendy come up to the changing station. The topic of conversation? Joanna's increasing dependence on opium now that Victor isn't around anymore. The Beauchamps manage to escape into the stables, where they'll be confined until midnight when Joanna must retrieve the weapon she hopes to vanquish her father with. The reason for the delay is that the only way to get the weapon is to wait for past Joanna to use it on past Freya and as Dash removes the teeth from Kyle's body one-by-one and Killian learns of a spell that could break the cycle of heartbreak between him and Freya, Joanna decides to tell her daughter about the incident they're waiting to have happen.

In addition to being a working girl, Freya tended bar at the Cat & Shadow and one day, she met a man who tells her about the special demon surrounding him that seems to thrive on his misery. Freya imparts some wisdom on him and the two flirt enough to where he wants to come back later that night to see her. Once they see each other again, she reads his tarot and unnerves him the closer she gets to the truth; aside from some biographical facts that she could have picked up through other channels, she manages to nail the career goals that he hadn't shared with anybody and convinces him that wealth and love are on the horizon for him. The two end up going upstairs to fool around where she gets him to give up his real name, something that very few people knew: Edgar Poe. Freya is, of course, beside herself when she learns that she was having an affair with the man who nearly caused her to fail sophomore English, but Joanna and Wendy assure her that the relationship she and Edgar shared was very real and based in feelings, with the poem "Annabel Lee" about their connection.

But things soon went down from there, as Freya told Edgar about being a witch and broke the code in which she was supposed to live by. He used that information and every other supernatural tidbit Freya could muster to drive his creative engine (e.g. "The Black Cat" being about Wendy) and eventually, he ran out of things to write about. Edgar then become broke and turned to the bottle, causing Freya to suggest a table turning - a parlor game where witches of east endone is supposed to be able to talk to the spirits. Reluctantly, Edgar agrees, only for things to go sideways rather quickly. Freya's powers prove to be too good and when she calls out to the spirits, she's possessed by a puff of blue smoke that calls itself Ambrose Bancroft, a violent spirit who threatens to punish Edgar and kill someone named Rose. Edgar manages to drive Ambrose away, only for the purported murderer to linger in Freya's psyche and have an adverse impact on her life and the lives of those she loves.

Back in East End, the king tells Frederick that in order to prepare for Joanna's return, he wants to perform a spell that requires a beating human heart. To acquire said heart, he uses his vessel to his advantage and turns his face back into Tommy's. "Tommy" then goes to the Bent Elbow and picks up a girl that he gets alone and incapacitates long enough to rip her still-beating heart out. As Dash gets another visit from Agent Moreau, this time on personal business rather than the still-open case, Killian is given the poison that will scrape the curse from his soul; he doesn't even care about the warnings from Eva's relative about there not being any turning back once he takes the potion, not when he can't imagine living a life without Freya. Meanwhile, Freya learns that her past self strangled three people while being possessed by Ambrose and that Wendy was the one to step up in hopes of curing her niece once and for all. Yet Freya proved to be much too powerful for even someone like Wendy and quickly snapped her neck while the two tangled in a dark alley. After discovering Wendy's body, Ingrid managed to wake Joanna from her opium-fueled slumber long enough to get a plan together on how to stop her sister from Killian, with a wooden box being presented to them in the parlor. The box is said to rip the intruder from the host body and throw its soul back into hell; unfortunately, the host will die, as well, meaning that if they use this box on Freya, Ingrid will die, as well.

However, Ingrid doesn't mind the thought of dying. She knows she's going to be reborn and she doesn't want Freya to hurt anymore people, so she agrees to the procedure only if Joanna will stop the opium use, seeing as how she's going to need her mother here soon. While Dash discovers Moreau snooping around his house, only to turn it into a kinky sex game, and Killian takes the poison given to him by the witch doctor, Ingrid convinces her grandfather that she wants to go to Asgard with him. Before they can go, though, the king tells Frederick that he's going to send Tarkoff after Joanna in order to keep her from procuring the weapon she needs to take him out. Ingrid then stops over at Dash's to confess that she's lying to her grandfather and that she needs his help if they're going to dispatch him. Past Joanna and Ingrid lure Freya to Bancroft's grave with a siren song and Joanna ends up being the one to open the box, thereby separating Bancroft's soul from Freya's body. Bancroft takes the wooden box straight to hell, while Freya drops dead immediately, only for present Joanna to interrupt their grieving in order to get the box.

Or what looked like present Joanna, as it turns out that Tarkoff disguised himself long enough to get the weapon, presumably to return it to East End and the king's possession.

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Freya: "How do you know it will work?"
Joanna: "Because a long time ago, I used it to kill you."
— A casual discussion between mother and daughter.

Joanna: "You were deeply in love with him. You were his muse."
Freya: "I almost failed sophomore English because of Edgar Allan Poe!"
— Fate clearly has some sense of humour when it comes down to Freya.

"Opium smoking whore!
— What is this language Freya?



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  • The episode's title was revealed before the tenth one was revealed. Both are however references to Edgar Allan Poe.
  • The episode is the least watched episode of the season (and the series) ever, with only 882,000 people tuning in live. However, the day the episode aired was marked by the return of many broadcast series, such as Once upon a time, which may be the reason for such a decrease in ratings.

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