To hell with it. We might as well admit it. We're witches. Just let them try to stop us this time.
— Joanna, sick of the Restriction placed on the Gods.

The Restriction is the result of the Salem Trials. After the infamous witch hunt, the White Council of the Asgardian Gods decided that witchcraft should be banned from the lives of the Gods that lived on Midgard. The three Beauchamp woman were specifically concerned by this restriction, since Freya and Ingrid were the ones hanged at that time, and all magic was forbidden for them.

However, after Freya made one or two love potions, she felt like she was herself once again, and this made her mother and her sister envious, so they started to practice again.

The Restriction also forbiddens the Gods to interfere in the affairs of the "Fallen", the "lost Children of the Almighty", as following Arthur Beauchamp's saying. But the Restriction strangely doesn't apply with the Wolves.