Silver Bloods are Blue Bloods who decided not to follow the Code of the Vampires and started to feed on fellow Blue Bloods under Lucifer's command.

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The lost colony of Ronaoke and "Croatan" Edit

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Aggie was still dead. That's what scared her the most. Her death meant there was something the Committee was keeping from them. That there was something they didn't know, or something the Wardens weren't telling them.
— The mystery of Aggie's death. [src]

Physiology and abilities Edit

Silver Bloods, as their name suggests, have silver-coloured blood, the original blue having changed shade from feeding on others of their kind. As a result of their forbidden diet, their eyes, too, changed and became silver and red.

Due to having absorbed the strength of fellow Blue Bloods and not just mortals, Silver Bloods are abnormally strong and fast, able to overpower Blue Bloods during their expression years very easily. On the other hand, having assimilated the memories and lives of other angels, they tend to suffer from unavoidable madness. Bliss Llewellyn, for example, suffered from recurrent nightmares and absences, her conscience being subject to takeovers from her father Lucifer as well as from memories of the people she consumed.

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  • Not much is known about how Silver Bloods managed to remain invisible to the Covens for so long.