"This is going to haunt you for the rest of your life."
— Ingrid.

Smells Like King Spirit is the ninth episode of the second season of Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. The episode is set to premiere on September 14, 2014.


Tarkoff seeks revenge against Frederick and Freya confronts Killian. Meanwhile, Ingrid gives Dash an ultimatum and Wendy and Tommy's relationship proves dangerous. Joanna tries to protect her family.


As Dash trashes his place when he can't get ahold of Ingrid, he finds some books that belonged to Archibald Browning, including one that has a picture of Ingrid from when the two were in a relationship. Meanwhile, Frederick fails to go through with the plan to use Caroline as a vessel for the king, opting out of the ritual right before he was to plunge the dagger into her torso. He receives a beating from Tarkoff for not following through and returns to the Beauchamp home bloody and disoriented.

Freya arrives at the library and quickly fills Ingrid in on the mixed signals from Dash and her concerns that Eva spelled him into changing his mind after their night together. Ingrid tries to chalk it up to the tension between her sister and Killian needing to be released somehow and her opinion of the matter doesn't get any better when Freya rambles on about how Eva is up to something, though Freya is too focused on getting answers to care about what her sister thinks right now. Back at the Beauchamps, Wendy assists Tommy in sneaking out after their night together, telling him to give her 10 minutes and bolt out through the garden; unfortunately, Joanna already knows about the time the two spent together. She's not mad, though, as she's more concerned about healing Frederick than what Wendy chooses to do with her time. At least for right now.

Her attention is further directed away from Wendy when Frederick reveals everything about Tarkoff and the king being physically weak. He suggests that Joanna use her strong mind and formidable powers to kill Tarkoff, who pops into the garden just as Tommy was about to leave and kidnaps the EMT without anyone knowing otherwise. In order to combat Tarkoff, Joanna brings out a box of three Death Scorpions, weapons that the Beauchamps invented that induce paralysis on the first sting before killing their victim with a second sting. However, there's still the matter of finding Tarkoff and being able to surprise one of the world's strongest telepaths, the latter being especially difficult. Over at Killian's, Eva does a spell involving spit and an egg that's supposed to tell her if she has a chance at having a baby with Killian; however, the egg yolk turns black and noticeably unnerves her. Later, with the other Gardiner house empty, Freya sneaks over looking for something that can serve as concrete proof regarding Eva's less than honorable intentions with Dash. She finds a potion in a drawer that she stashes, but she's called back to her house by a text from Wendy. The purpose? She and Frederick are to use their astral projection power to find Tarkoff so that Wendy and Joanna can kill him.

While Dash confronts Ingrid about the photo he found, questioning her about how she could be alive in both the 1900s and today, Frederick and Freya, complete with travel talisman, do their spell and locate Tarkoff at abandoned St. Gabriel's Psychiatric Hospital, where he has Tommy bound and gagged to mattress springs. After mentioning that Tommy was a perfect candidate to act as a vessel for the king, Tarkoff stabs him and mentions that the first thing he needs to do in order to implant the king's spirit is to cut it out of Frederick. This causes Freya to quickly turn back home and inform Wendy and Joanna of what she heard. As Frederick tries to explain, Joanna tosses a Death Scorpion at him and allows it to sting and paralyze him, though Wendy wanted him to get a second sting, as well. Elsewhere, Ingrid gets to read through some of Archibald's journals and makes out more than what Dash could; however, she doesn't want him to keep the journals, claiming that the evil within them is so hard-wired that those who use the spells contained within them become evil themselves. She then confesses to the curse that she, Freya, and Joanna are under and reveals to Dash that Archibald is his grandfather and that Penelope was his daughter. Finally, in order to keep from repeating the patterns of his past, Dash needs to burn the witches of east endjournals and avoid touching this kind of magic.

At the Bent Elbow, Killian confronts Freya over the break-in that morning, which ended with Alma telepathically breaking glass and scaring her out of the house. Freya tries to get him to understand her concerns about Eva, especially now that she found mind controller demon's breath in the house, but he simply warns her to stay away from his wife. The two go to his home, though, and find Eva standing by the window in nothing but a nightgown. She then finally tells Killian the truth about what drew them together and why she needed a child so badly - having been born a mortal, Eva received her powers by making a deal with a warlock. The condition? She would stay powerful and beautiful as long as she bore a warlock's child before her previous child passed away, so the desperation she had was in needing to get pregnant before an obviously ailing Alma succumbed to her physical deficiencies. Unfortunately, Alma passed away some time after the break-in, so the spell the warlock cast on Eva broke, leaving her a decrepit mortal on the edge of death. At Killian's urging, Freya tries to help Eva, but it's no use - there's no way for her to be brought back, not when she's this weak. Just before Eva dies, Killian reads her mind for the first time and learns that she really did love him.

Just as Tarkoff was about to give up on Tommy, he sees the symbol carved in the EMT's chest begin glowing, meaning that he's the proper vessel for the king to return in. At the Gardiner estate, Dash burns the journals and begins considering fixing things with Killian after Ingrid suggests it, while Tarkoff calls Freya as Ingrid and lures her to the library. Once Freya gets there, she sees Ingrid knocked out on the floor, only for Tarkoff to lock her in the building with her sister and making escape damn near impossible. Joanna and Wendy arrive at the hospital to find Tommy's bloody shirt but no Tommy; Joanna then arranges a meeting with Tarkoff at the Bent Elbow, except that she didn't get the results she wanted there. He confirms that his participation in the rebellion against the king was only as a spy and informs Joanna that she would be his reward for getting the king through to this realm. Angry, Joanna tosses a Death Scorpion at Tarkoff, only to have it stopped in mid-air and blown up when their powers collide against one another while trying to push the weapon at the other.

Dash finally comes clean to Killian and the situation between the two quickly escalates into a physical altercation. They exchange punches, with several of Dash's being charged with magic, and Dash stops a trunk from hitting him just before he and his brother charge at one another. At the Beauchamps, Tarkoff gets surprised by Frederick and finds himself stung once by a Death Scorpion before Frederick shoves the weapon in his mouth to choke him. Before Tarkoff passes, he tells Frederick about the present that's awaiting him in the backyard. While the Gardiner attic has been destroyed, with Dash and Killian out cold and Kyle's body having floated to the surface now that the jar that contained the doll was broken, Frederick discovers the present from Tarkoff was Ingrid and Freya hanging from the tallest tree in the backyard. Joanna and Wendy quickly see the carnage that Tarkoff had wrought and the family begins mourning the loss of their loved ones.

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"You're making my inner kitty purr."
— Wendy in bed with Tommy.

Ingrid: "You sound like a crazy stalker lady."
Freya: "I am a smart stalker lady and a bad ass witch."
— Sisters talk.

"I'm so relieved to know I didn't have sex with my own grandmother last night."
— Dash Gardiner about Ingrid having an affair with his grandfather in one of her past lives.


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  • Ingrid and Freya are victim of their curse and die in the episode, as they were killed by Tarkoff and hanged on a tree for the Beauchamp family to see.

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