Dylan guaranteed a cakewalk. Besides, we can always point to the plaque over there. Your family built this place, remember?
— Oliver, trying to reassure Schuyler about their entry into the club.

The Bank is a night club from New York city where Schuyler Van Alen, Oliver Hazard-Perry and Dylan Ward went to one night.


Back when it used to be the headquarters of the Van Alen investment and brokerage house, the building was a "paradigm of the beaux-arts style" with a classic six-column façade. But after years of being left abandoned, nothing remains but a decrepit stone building located at the end of Houston Street.

History Edit

Back in the days, the building used to serve as headquarterst to the Van Alen investment and brokerage house, but after the Van Alen family lost its fortune, the building had to be abandoned. It was only years later, when a night-club promoter found the building that the building became home to The Bank, a nightclub.
On one side, preening hipsters in tight, expensive, European clothes, tossing their bleached hair over zebra-print jackets; and on the other, a scraggly group of lost children in their tattered and pierced clothing...
— A petri dish of warring cultural allegiances. [src]
Behind the club lies an alley which connects to the Block 122 as well, making for an interesting display of social divisions when the clienteles of the two clubs meet without actually mingling, as though an invisible line had been drawn in between.


  • The Bank seems to be based on a real nightclub in New York city, whose actual name was The Bank in the 1990s, up until it became The Element in the early 2000s.