The Brothers' Grimoire is the fourth episode of the second season of Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. It aired on July 27, 2014. The episode was watched by 1,1 million viewers, scoring a 0,5 on the key demographic.


Wendy and Tommy (Ignacio Serricchio) have a disastrous series of meetings. Old friends of Frederick’s from Asgard make an unwelcome visit to Fair Haven. Dash and Killian receive their inheritance which yields interesting results.


Tommy takes Wendy out for a picnic of beer a bratwurst, only for a rat to climb on top of his shoulder and ruin the mood. Wendy takes the rat, sinks her claws into it, and throws it, sending it running back into the bushes and her mind into overdrive due to the sense that she got that this was no ordinary rat. Meanwhile, Ivar and Isis, the latter of whom transformed into the rat that Wendy saw, hold Victor in their secret lair, with the former texting Joanna as Victor to tell her that he'll be coming home the following day. Ivar then licks the wound on Isis' leg shut, just as Ingrid expresses her guilt over keeping Dash and Killian in the dark regarding their power. Dash doesn't care, though, because she was there for him when he needed her with the dead body.

The next morning, Joanna uses reverse psychology to urge an apprehensive Wendy to keep pursuing a relationship with Tommy, who wants a do over of their botched date. Over at the Gardiner estate, Dash and Killian have their catch-up chat interrupted by the arrival of Penelope's lawyer Mr. Shane and his bringing over their inheritance. Rather than a will reading or any straight cash payout, their inheritance comes in the form of an ancient puzzle that lights up when the two put their hands on it. The container opens up after both brothers touch it and reveals a piece of paper with the Latin phrase Seguere Vestigia (or Follow the Trail) written on it. Not knowing what it could mean or what trail they would be following, the two then reveal to the other that Eva, Freya, and Ingrid are all witches, with Dash stumping for the latter after she volunteered to help him learn to control his powers.

Ivar uses Isis and her love for lingchi (or Death by a Thousand Cuts) to threaten Victor regarding the location of the portal key. All the two want is to be able to go home to Asgard, yet when they learn from Joanna's text that Frederick is alive, they decide to stay behind and "catch up" with their former friend. At the Bent Elbow, a round of darts forces Wendy to use her magic and inadvertently leads to her throwing a dart into Tommy's back; she then quietly uses her magic again to heal his wound, though not even a punctured back can force him out of her life just yet. Ivar and Isis make it to the bar and run into Freya, who they claim used to run with them and Frederick, referring to their crew as a "wild bunch." However, most of the stories they tell have to do with Frederick's rebelliousness and how dangerous he was back in the day. When Freya sees Ivar and Isis, twin siblings like she and Frederick, make out, she pulls her brother aside and urges him to make them leave. He tells Freya that the clan Ivar and Isis are from is the lowest in all of Asgard before going back to the bar and learning that Ivar has Victor locked away in an undisclosed location.

Not to be outdone, Isis follows Freya to the back room and uses a puff of smoke to knock her out. Meanwhile, Dash and Killian say the phrase on the paper together and watch as the paper flies to a nearby board that it brands with a particular symbol. When the brothers pry the board from the attic floor, they find their family grimoire, which they use to cast a protection spell over them; the spell involves a drop of blood, wine, candles, and a pentagram and though the two feel no difference at first, Dash puts his arm over a flame and feels no pain. Killian isn't so lucky, as he burns himself on the flame and coughs up a tooth immediately after. By the side of the road, Wendy watches as Tommy tries to change the flat tire that they got some time after he accidentally bumped into her and caused her to drop her phone into the water. While waiting, Wendy causes a car that was witches of east endbarreling toward them to swerve out of the way, a near death experience that causes Tommy to confess that he's, in fact, died before. On a medical tour in Fallujah, Iraq, when he was shot and brought back to life by a needle full of adrenaline by a fellow medic. Ever since then, he's not let simply existing be enough and Wendy kisses him when hearing the passion in which he speaks.

Back at the bar, Ivar tosses a dart at Frederick and freezes time, taunting the Beauchamp brother with his powers and demanding the key so he and Isis can go back to Asgard. When Frederick nonchalantly mentions that he doesn't have it and couldn't open it even if he did, Ivar reveals that they have Freya and there are only two hours left until she dies. Dash calls Ingrid at the library, frantic regarding Killian's deteriorating condition, and though Ingrid promises to be on her way, she ends up walking out of the library in a hypnotic trance and finding the Sex Monster in the middle of the woods. The two have sex, of course, and she wakes up with deep cuts on her back, as well as many text messages from Dash. While Joanna forces Frederick to confess about Ivar and Isis and attempts to force him to stay home, Freya ends up tied up beside Victor, with Isis all over her and telling her just how violent her brother was back in Asgard.

Just then, Joanna busts into the lair and uses her magic to knock Isis away from Freya. Isis then starts a nearby hourglass before turning into a rat and leaving; though Freya wants to leave, if she stands up, the explosives she's sitting on will detonate and kill them all. Ingrid makes it to the Gardiner house and heals Dash's broken rib, but she doesn't have the power to fix a spell like this, one that takes power from one entity and gives it to another. However, she can reverse it with some help. At the library, where Frederick and Ivar planned to meet, Frederick arrives with a spell book that he claims will open the portal to Asgard. It turns out, though, that he uses Ivar's fear of snakes to summon a serpent that attacks his former friend. With the venom coursing through Ivar's system, Frederick tells him that he and Isis knew what he was capable of before snapping his friend's neck for coming after his family. As a kiss between Wendy and Tommy nearly turns deadly due to his peanut allergy and her need for a snack, Ingrid has Dash cut himself and chant and Killian place his hand on the blood for the original spell to reverse. It does end up reversing and Killian is as good as new.

In the lair, Joanna tries six different spells to stop the hourglass, only for the sand to run through it quicker. Freya tries to encourage her mother and Victor to leave without her, as she'll just be reborn anyway; Victor, however, isn't having any of that and forces Joanna to do a spell that will switch him and his daughter places. He figures that his wounds wouldn't heal anyway and Freya needs the chance to live as long as she can, so after some final goodbyes, Joanna ends up doing the spell and getting out of the room before the sand runs out, the explosives go off, and Victor dies. While Tommy promises to call Wendy, as he loves how their connection makes him feel alive, Dash and Killian place the grimoire back in the floorboards, with the latter mentioning that he's going to talk to Eva about staying in town longer. Once they go to thank Ingrid, Dash notices the bloody marks on her back and when he takes a closer look, she comes clean about not knowing where they came from and the fact that she's losing chunks of time fairly regularly.

At the Beauchamp home, Joanna refuses to be with Frederick, citing his indirect role in Victor's death, while Killian shows up at the Bent Elbow to confront Freya, only to comfort her when he learns about Victor, and Frederick gets bumped into on the street. [Next thing happening is the person who bumped into Frederick is attacked by the Mandragora].

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Are you kidding? Of course, she's a lying bitch. Ingrid's cool though. She's been helping with this.
— Dash to Killian, still not over Freya's betrayal.


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  • Victor Beauchamp dies in this episode. He is the first of the Beauchamps that we see dying definitively in the course of the series.
  • It is revealed that the Gardiner Brothers also have a Grimoire.

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