The Old Man and the Key is the third episode of the second season of Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. It first aired on July 20, 2014 and was viewed by 1,314 people live, scoring a 0,5 on the key demographic.


Ingrid prepares to move out while Freya tracks down Killian. Dash discovers the identity of his blackmailer and plans revenge. Wendy and Joanna follow Frederick to figure out what his motives are since reconnecting with the family.


While watching Frederick sleep, Joanna flashes back to when she, Victor, Wendy, and her daughters made it through the portal and landed in this mortal plane. It was immediately after their banishment and though the rest of the party wanted to flee the portal, seeing as how they didn't know who would come out, Joanna made them stay, as she felt guilty that she lost Frederick on the way to and through the portal. In present day, though, she sees the king's symbol branded on her son's chest and calls Wendy to tell her. Once Wendy makes it over, she mentions the earring that Frederick "found," which she thinks was spelled, and Joanna admits that she doesn't 100% trust her son, not after what happened after they left Asgard and not after two bodies have been found since he came to East End. Her solution? Follow him around in order to gauge his motives in returning to town and whether he would be capable of murder.

Freya pops into Ingrid's room as she's on her way to the airport and the two share a hug goodbye. Ingrid isn't emotional about leaving home, claiming that she was ready for the change, and suggests that she and her sister should talk to Dash about his powers. Since he has absolutely no idea what he is or how to control his abilities, Ingrid believes that they could help him get the hang of it and keep innocents safe; Freya, however, knows how angry Dash was about the wedding and doesn't think that he would be amendable to their presence at this time. While packing and before Freya can leave, Ingrid stumbles upon a door in one of the closets that Joanna awkwardly says leads to the dining room and was sealed shut for space reasons. She then blesses her necklace with a protection spell and gives it to Freya before she jumps in a cab.

After having a one night stand, Dash wakes up to face another Killian hallucination; this time, his brother chides him about not having any leads toward locating his blackmailer and not having any idea on how to be a bad ass. Killian argues that now that Dash has these powers, he's got to use them to his own benefit. Meanwhile, Wendy sneaks into the morgue and spells Dr. Foster awake, thinking that she can get some clear answers about what attacked him in the woods. However, Foster is as panicked as he was before his death and again mentions that what happened to him was a warning for everyone in East End before Wendy spells him back to death to keep people from discovering her. When Foster falls back onto the table, she notes the king's symbol carved into his chest, which she takes a photo of and sends to Joanna. Joanna then brings up Frederick's escape from Asgard when he comes in from a run and learns that her father has leveled several key cities in Asgard that were dissenting against his rule. He's surrounded himself with a cult-like group of followers and Frederick argues that the only reason he went along with his grandfather was that the old man filled him with lies about the motives of the rest of the family. When he realized it was all a way to get him to remain loyal, it was too late for him to leave Asgard and since the king was the only family he had left, he decided to stay loyal.

Joanna flashes back to when her family escaped Asgard - this time, to when they were debating on whether to close the portal with the key. Victor argues that Frederick is a warrior who can take care of himself, but Joanna refuses to abandon her son and gets rewarded when he comes crashing through the portal. Frederick claims that he fought off three guards and knocked the king unconscious before he leapt through, yet when Joanna gives him the key to close the portal, he tosses it in, ensuring that those in Asgard could find their family rather quickly. Outside the hospital, Dash stumbles upon the identity of his blackmailer - Kyle Hutton, a man who has a boat in the same yard that the Gardiner boat was parked. The hallucination of Killian wants his brother to get rid of him and once again, Dash takes this figment of his imagination seriously. Meanwhile, Wendy tells Joanna that she dropped a potion on the back of Frederick's shirt, one that will show them where he's been and where's he's headed now. When they begin tracking him, they see Frederick taking a butcher knife from the kitchen.

Freya arrives in Santo Domingo and locates Killian, only to learn that he's married - to Eva. The trio go to the bar to get some drinks and Freya hears about how Killian doesn't remember anything about how he got to the island, his only memory being washing up on shore and nursed back to health by his future bride. Freya covers up her powers by saying that she hired a PI to find him due to being worried and drops the bombshell about Penelope's death, using it as bait to bring Killian home. It works, at least, as Eva quickly goes to pack and Killian is shell-shocked enough to be amenable to anything. Back in East End, Joanna and Wendy catch up to the spell's version of Frederick and find actual Frederick doing a blood spell near the site of the two recent murders. He sacrifices a dove and rubs the blood on his naked torso before spotting his mother and aunt and disappearing into the night. While they were on the hunt, Joanna flashes back to when she tried to save Frederick by telling him that the snake key had poisoned his grandfather's mind and that the old man was merely using him as a means to an end, that what he's feeling now isn't real. However, Frederick simply tells his mother that the king will find them.

Dash finds Kyle Hutton's place and uses his powers to blow up the man's car. Before the explosion, though, Dash calls Kyle and threatens him if he comes anywhere near again. While Killian goes upstairs to finish packing, Eva thanks Freya for coming all this way to deliver such devastating news and urges her not to feel upset about the sudden marriage. She sensed that there was a history between Freya and Killian and the former doesn't do witches of east enda good job in masking that, stumbling over her words and agreeing to be friends with the woman who's stolen her soul mate's heart. In East End, Ingrid arrives at the Gardiner residence and tries to talk to Dash about his powers, only to be interrupted when Kyle texts him and tells him that he's waiting for him upstairs. Dash hurries up to find the East End royalty, whose father bought a wing of the hospital, sitting in his attic and lamenting the loss of his vehicle. Kyle threatens to leak the photos of Dash "killing" Killian if he's not given $100,000 and pulls a gun when Ingrid comes upstairs. Dash sends the gun flying out the window and wails on Kyle with his electricity-aided punches, not stopping until his enemy and the man who would ruin him lay dead underneath him. He understandably begins freaking out about taking a life until Ingrid uses the opportunity to tell him that he's a warlock and that the reason the MRI was so close to hers is because she's a witch. He then calms down when he realizes that he might be able to control the powers and live his life without fear of hurting anyone unintentionally.

Joanna and Wendy confront Frederick about how many people he's killed, the branded symbol on his chest, and the fact that he's the reason they're all cursed. He explains that the brand was forced on him by his grandfather, that he had tried for many years to get it removed from his skin, and that he was forced to take the oath of loyalty toward the king; the spell in the woods, he claims, was a cleansing spell, a way to rid himself of the symbol that robbed him of 100 years of sunlight. The two deaths? Possibly as a result of an army of hunters sent after him by the king. While Wendy thinks it's all a crock, Joanna believes every word from Frederick and flashes back to when the king came through the portal with the snake key in hand. He pledges to make his family live a long, long life of misery and curses everyone there. As he leaves, Joanna cuts the arm that carried the key off and tries to drag Frederick away from the portal and toward the rest of the family. However, he decides to go on his own and leaves the family behind. She always thought that she was at fault for not saving him and learns from him that he never wanted to be saved, that he willingly went along with his grandfather.

While Victor gets attacked outside the Beauchamp house once he arrives back from South America, Ingrid helps Dash move the body from the Gardiner estate to the ocean below. To help keep Kyle's body down, she does a quick spell that involves a doll in a jar of water and Dash tells her how thankful he is that she told him the truth about who he is. Meanwhile, Freya and Killian get their first alone time in a while and square things away. He thanks her for coming to Santo Domingo to tell him about his mother and apologizes for butting in the day before her wedding to Dash. He goes on to say that Eva is the best thing that ever happened to him, the right person for him to be with, and Freya assures him that she didn't call off the wedding because of him, that it was a multitude of things that kept her from becoming Mrs. Dash Gardiner. After he leaves, Freya texts Ingrid and gets her sister to comfort her about everything that happened. She's sad that his aura is so happy when around Eva, telling Ingrid that this is cosmic payback for what she did to Dash. Since she's been so wrong about everything, she encourages her sister to help Dash with his powers and Ingrid simply says that she'll think about it.

Dash finds Killian playing piano in his home and gets a hug from his brother, since Killian doesn't remember anything about the night of the fight. Meanwhile, Joanna calls Victor and leaves a message, only Victor is being held captive by some supernatural force that looks to be bleeding him out slowly.

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  • The title is a pun on Hemingway's 1952 novel, The Old Man and the Sea.
    • The Old Man refers to King Nikolaus, who made his debut in this episode, and the Key refers to the Serpens Clavem.
  • This is the first episode to feature flashbacks from the Beauchamp's escape from Asgard.

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