You think you know me. But I promise you you don't.
— Frederick to his aunt Wendy.

The Son Also Rises is the second episode of the second season of Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. It aired on July 13, 2014 and attracted 1,5 million viewers, scoring a 0,6 on the key demographic.


Joanna is thrilled with Frederick’s (Christian Cooke) return, while Wendy remains suspicious of his behavior. Killian discovers he has a lot in common with new love Eva and Dash reluctantly deals with his blackmailer.


Joanna wakes up to find that Ingrid never made it home after her wild night out, so she tries calling her to no avail. She and Wendy soon find, though, that Ingrid is home - passed out on the front yard, but still home. They quickly go to attend to her scratches and clean her up, except that she's feeling particularly well after what she calls the best night of sleep she's ever had. Inside, Joanna prepares to tell Freya and Ingrid about Frederick's existence, prefacing it with talk of the war in Asgard, only for Wendy to blurt out the secret. Though Ingrid worries about the predatory, vicious aura that Wendy sensed in the woods, Joanna assures her that another figure must have come through the portal, considering that Frederick just healed her of the argentium poisoning the previous night.

Frederick then wakes up and regales Freya with tales of their astral projection adventures, which they can share due to being twins, while Wendy confronts Joanna in the garden about leaving the girls alone with someone they might not be able to trust. But Joanna trusts him after what he did, choosing to use her time to pick truth root in hopes of getting information from Dash. She plans to bake a pie for him and give him enough of a whiff for everything to come out; instead, Wendy waves the bowl of truth root in Frederick's direction when she and Joanna come back inside. She doesn't what she wants, though, because Frederick simply tells them that he realized his mistakes during his time away from them and that he tried to get through to his grandfather, the man who cursed their family, to no avail.

Dash tries to voluntarily use his powers, drawing out his Killian hallucination to berate him for not being able to do this on his own. He then gets a bigger fish to fry when the person who saw what happened at the boat yard calls looking for a payout. Specifically, they want $50,000 that day during the 4th of July celebration, a task made more difficult by it being a federal holiday. However, when Dash uses his powers after being angry at his blackmailer, he realizes that he has to do what he can to figure this out. While Killian's wound heals quickly and he speaks with Eva about their strong connection, Wendy takes one of her earrings and goes, in cat form, to see the EMT. While he's inside getting some milk, she hops up near a window and sees that he has a child and what looks like a wife, turning their flirtation the other night into something less romantic and exciting. The other earring? Frederick ingests it, does a spell, and returns it shinier than before.

At the library, Ingrid feels a presence, only to confirm (to herself) that it was Dr. Foster sorting through the collection she had been hired to curate. He makes it clear that he wasn't the one who hired her; it was his superior and he's not exactly thrilled by the proposition, opting to do the work himself for fear of what could happen should it fall into Ingrid's hands. While Dash gets the money for his blackmailer and heads off to the park, he runs into Joanna and Wendy carrying the truth root pie and some wine. They try to apologize for what happened, but he's not hearing any of it, claiming that Beauchamp women have caused him enough problems for one lifetime. Killian, meanwhile, wins even more money playing poker, only this time, the guy he beats pulls a gun. Stressed out, Killian's powers act up and break the guy's hand, causing all those at the table to back away and call him a brujo - a witch.

The 4th of July celebration arrives, though Wendy is more concerned about the chill she keeps feeling and Frederick's insistence on doing magic in public. But not all of the Beauchamp women are upset with Frederick, as Joanna thanks him for saving her and Freya gets him to agree to use their gift to find Killian. Back at the library, Ingrid finds the Beauchamp family in an ancient History of Sorcery guide, which includes talk of her being the key, while Killian fills Eva in on what happened at the poker game. Her solution? A ceremony taught by her grandmother that will tell them whether he has magic. Frederick does a spell with candle wax and a skull that transports him and Freya to Hotel El Corazon, where Killian had been staying. Before the two, who have their hands linked to keep the spell active, could find him, though, the owl attacks and knocks Freya back into the Beauchamp home. Her plan now? Fly to Santo Domingo as soon as possible.

That night, Frederick accompanies Freya to the Bent Elbow and makes an origami bird for a patron. As he leaves, Freya warns him about doing magic in public, while Ingrid discovers that she has four arcane abilities as the key. Unfortunately, she can't figure them out because Dr. Foster interrupts her study session and makes it clear that he doesn't want her touching the collection, claiming that the book she has must have a dehumidifier. Since he can't get it off the table, though, he leaves it in her possession for the weekend. Back at the celebration, Frederick gives back Wendy's earring that he claims he found on the porch and she runs into the witches of east endEMT, whose name turns out to be Tommy Cole. Her apprehension about being with him lessens when she learns that he's a single, Tolstoy-quoting father going through a divorce, yet she won't allow herself to fully relent just yet. While all this is going on, Dash drops the money under a park bench and walks away before encountering Ingrid. He asks her about her concussion that highlighted her abnormal brain structure, but she doesn't remember anything unusual either before or after the incident and their attention gets diverted by Dr. Foster running into the public square. He babbles about ancient symbols and someone walking among them before ripping his shirt open to reveal a carved symbol in his chest and collapsing.

At Hotel El Corazon, Killian undergoes the ceremony that Eva picked up from her grandmother, which includes sacrificed chickens and bloody crosses painted on his chest. He learns that he is, in fact, a witch and Eva surmises that since she's a witch, too, maybe he didn't recognize his powers until he was in the presence of another of his kind. Before Frederick goes into attack mode at the Bent Elbow when a customer gets rough with Freya, Wendy approaches Joanna about Frederick looking for her, except Frederick hadn't been since he dropped off the earring. Joanna gets called when Frederick attacks the patron, all the while Wendy chats with Tommy about the symbol and gives him a little lifeline when she doesn't outright reject his offer for drinks. That night, a thunderstorm does away with any chance of outdoor fireworks; instead, however, Ingrid drops a bomb when she confesses that she's moving out due to feeling like a different person and wanting to take the next step. She and Freya, who gets a confirmation number for a flight to Santo Domingo during the excitement, conjure up their own fireworks inside, just as Joanna and Wendy discuss whether Frederick could be behind the symbols. Though Joanna may believe her son, the chill Wendy kept feeling was from his presence and he almost taunts her with the fact that he's hiding something before joining the rest of the family for fireworks. Dash receives another call from his blackmailer, who tells him that the payment has been upped to $100,000 for next time. He then absorbs the electricity from his computer and plans to use it on someone very soon.

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Freya: "That is crazy! I always wanted a twin. I used to talk about this all the time when we were kids. Do you remember?"
Ingrid: "I know! I always thought you were just being narcissistic, like you wanted another version of you around."
— Freya and Ingrid, upon discovering Freddie and Freya are twins.


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  • The title is a pun on Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel called The Sun Also Rises.

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