Hello everybody! As you may have noticed, the content of the wiki is fastly growing due to the TV series, and to avoid confusions between the novels and the series, a new organisation is being tried (especially on the top wiki navigation bar and in categories). Here is the recap :

  • Previously, we had 3 content categories and one for general information - but now, we'll have 4 categories only for the content (2 for the novels, 2 for the TV series). The pages concerning the editing tips, the admins or the news will all be contained in the community message seen on the right side of the Activity feed.

  • The category tree has been redesigned to avoid confusion : now, the content of the Wiki is divided between "Portals", "Galleries", "Out of universe" pages, "Universe (Novels)" pages and "Universe (TV show)" pages.
    • As for the division between the series universe and the novels universe, some characters may or may not have their distinctive page ; for example, Maura Thatcher, being only a minor character, has only one page for the two, and Joanna, being a major one, has two. Be really careful when editing not to add content of the series on a novel's page for example.
    • The same thing applies to lower categories: Locations/Locations (TV) or Characters/Characters (TV). If a page is kept for both, then the two categories may be added.

Thanks everybody, each edit counts! :)

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